Sunday, April 7, 8:30 AM.
Are you interested in becoming a member of Freedom Church or just curious what that process looks like. Sign up for the upcoming Roots class to learn more about who Freedom Church is and if God has called you to put down roots and call it home.


Sunday, April 14, 8:30 AM.


April 19-21
If you have paid your $50 Non-Refundable Deposit please use the link provided below to pay your remaining balance
If you are utilizing the payment plan to pay for your spot at the Women's Retreat, please us the links provided below to pay your remaining balance. (Note: If your remaining balance is not $125 please use the links provided below to pay your remaining balance.)


August 15-18
Location: Warm Beach Camp
To register for family camp we have put together steps to make it as easy as possible.

1. Register for "Family Camp Deposit" and give your top 3 preferences on campsites. You will get your first choice unless someone else has already chosen it. Campsites are first come first served. You can find the campsite map listed below by clicking on "Notes"
All Campsites have electricity and running water with the exception of site 80.
We have sites 80-94 (we may end up with 95-100, so if you would like one of these spots please email larissa@freedomchurchnw.com directly. Also, sites 83 & 84 are currently unavailable). If you are planning on staying in an RV please let us know how long it is.
Sites are based on 6 people occupancy. Please feel free to share sites if you would like. Sites are $200 total. If you end up sharing your site with someone other than yourself or family, please let Larissa know.

2. You may then make payments if you would like, or pay the remaining amount by July 31st.

3. If you would like a cabin:
If you want a private 1 person cabin, please sign up for "single occupancy" (no need to sign up for "Family Camp Deposit". If you will be sharing a cabin with more than 1 person, please use the "Multi- Occupancy" payment and pay for as many people what will be staying in cabin (either double or triple occupancy).